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Help us share Even the River Starts Small with your community!
Here are some ideas and a draft email that might be helpful for getting the book into the hands of people in your community that might resonate with it, now and in the future! 

1.  Libraries

  • Even if you already own a copy of the anthology, you can ensure that the book makes its way to other people by requesting that your local library purchase one (or a few!) If you are a library card holder, you can very likely make a request via your library’s website. Libraries generally respond well to patron demand, so it’s great if you and several of your friends make multiple requests! 


2.  Bookstores

  • You can also talk with the book buyers at your favorite local bookstore and ask that they order a few copies to add to their store. We are especially excited about the book reaching radical bookstores around the world, specifically places that might have connections to other land defense movements, people working on collaborative radical histories, and communities fighting against extractive industries.

3.  Teachers + Professors 

  • Share the book with an educator who might be interested in using it for a lesson. They can purchase a single copy to use for excerpts in class, or Haymarket offers copies for academics intending to assign their titles for their courses. 

4.  Books Not Bars

  • You can request an item for someone who is currently incarcerated through Haymarket’s Books Not Bars program here. You can also donate to fund this program here.

5.  Book Clubs/Organizations

  • Haymarket offers a 40-50% discount for organizations, book clubs, radio stations, and others for use. You can request books for your group here.

6.  Movement Spaces

  • Think of spaces that are not traditional libraries or bookstores that might be interested in having a copy around for community use. Some examples are:

    • Archives (university, local, community)

    • Organizing hubs or movement spaces 

    • Arts centers

We hope this collection can help inspire future resistance and that you will help us share it. 

Please contact us with any ideas or questions for distribution at

Sample Email 

Hey there!


My name’s _____. I’m reaching out to share a recently published book about the Line 3 pipeline resistance movement in Minnesota. Even the River Starts Small (ISBN: 9798888902042) is available now from Haymarket Books. 


Even the River Starts Small is a collection of stories from the movement to stop construction of the Line 3 pipeline through northern Minnesota. It features anonymous writing, art, and photos spanning nearly a decade, and includes reflections on many of the diverse experiences that made up this grassroots resistance. 


Review sample pages of the collection here.


Please, take a moment to check it out! We would be honored to know that these stories of resistance were being shared with communities around Turtle Island. Let me know if you have any further questions.



(your name)

Draft email
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