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About the Editors


Our anthology team is a small group of young people who have resisted pipeline construction in Minnesota in various capacities for many years. We began this project in the fall of 2021 to gather stories from our diverse movement and honor the years of resistance. We undertook this project as a volunteer team, collaborating to independently publish the first edition of the book to give away for free as a gift to the movement.


During the movement to stop Line 3 our anthology team held numerous roles. Individuals on our team participated in nearly every part of the movement, from contributing at every turn in the years-long public regulatory process to supporting dozens of direct actions to halt construction, from coordinating training and vetting infrastructure for the frontlines to screen printing thousands of patches, shirts, and bandanas to share with the resistance. Members of our team participated in the legal support network, a grassroots media collective, and the global movement to defund Line 3 and the fossil fuel industry. In the years since we have continued our commitments to the struggle for liberation, all living near to each other in South Minneapolis in a beautiful community of resistance. Today we are librarians and booksellers, artists, journalists, childcare providers, and community organizers within the climate justice movement, the labor movement, mutual aid networks, and so much more.

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