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About the Project:

We’re collecting stories from the movement to stop Line 3 to compile into a book. We know this project cannot speak for the whole movement, but it will hopefully function as one platform among many to document and honor the everyday experiences of folks who resisted Line 3. Please consider sharing a story, drawing, poem, or other medium of reflection on your involvement with the fight to stop Line 3. We hope to have physical copies of the book for people involved in the movement by the fall of 2022.

Line 3 Storytelling Anthology prompts: 


We came together to fight line 3 because we recognize the present and historical destruction and harm these extractive projects cause. We experience this reality differently depending on who we are and how we move through the world. We invite you to share your own stories and artwork from your time fighting Line 3. If you’re looking for inspiration, the prompts below might offer a place to start. If they do not resonate with you, please share a story that reflects your particular experiences or perspectives. 

Tell a story of an experience you had while resisting Line 3 that made you feel that a better world was truly possible.


What was the biggest challenge you personally had to confront while resisting Line 3?

Share a moment from your time resisting Line 3 that made you feel connected to the world around you. 


What was something mundane but meaningful you did while fighting Line 3? Describe that experience in as much loving detail as possible.



Getting Involved

Please submit writing between 50 and 1,500 words (no story is too small!), drawings, sketches, poems, or photos (no faces or pictures of sacred structures or Indigenous ceremony, please!), or other creative content via the form on our website.


Accepted submissions will be published anonymously.


Depending on the number of submissions, we may not be able to include them all in the printed anthology. 


If you have a story to share but would like support in writing it, please reach out to our writing team at They can help to whatever extent you’d like, from interviewing you, to co-writing your story with you,to helping you workshop drafts. 


We may edit submissions for clarity and length, but will avoid changing the narrative of your stories. In some cases we might opt to include an excerpt instead of an entire submission. 


As you’re crafting your anthology submission, please…

Remember security culture!  Do not use real names or other identifying details. Do not submit images of recognizable faces, whether drawn or photographed, without that person's consent. Do not talk about incriminating information. We will edit all submissions for security culture.  


Focus on what is your story to tell. Do not appropriate others’ stories, cultures, or experiences. Do not depict Indigenous ceremony or sacred structures in writing or artworks.


Avoid romanticizing or mythologizing the movement, and the very real trauma experienced by real humans within it, especially Indigenous leaders and QTBIPOC folks. 


Be conscious of your identities and privileges. Share your truth and personal experiences, but do so mindfully. 


Get specific! For the scope of this project we can’t include everyone’s complete history with the movement to stop Line 3. Instead, we’re looking for snapshots; specific moments in time that capture some special element of the movement. 


Reach out to our writing team for support if you’re struggling with writing, security culture, or how to craft your story conscientiously.


Make sure you sign up for our email list and follow us on Instagram! We’ll use these tools to share updates about the project as it progresses. 


Please invite others from the movement to stop Line 3 to share their experiences! Part of the power of this movement is our community of relationships. Please, please, please, help us reach as many folks as possible with this project!

Who's "we"?

We are an evolving team of people who’ve been involved with the movement for the past few years in various capacities (frontline work, digital organizing, screenprinting, and other roles in between). Many of you we know; lots of you we don't. We won’t be able to capture every story or perspective, and we know that our project cannot speak for or capture the entirety of this movement. But we will be honored to uplift the stories you choose to share with us about your time resisting Line 3.


If you have questions or feedback for the Line 3 Storytelling Anthology team, you can  email us at or send us a message on Instagram.

Project update: 


We’ve received so many incredible submissions to the Line 3 Storytelling Anthology. Thank you for sharing your words and art and memories with us! 


Now, we’re shifting gears into editing and moving forward with the next phase of this project. If you still have something to send us please email it to us, but we're moving along in the process and there is no guarantee we'll be able to fit your piece in. 


We’ll spend the spring and summer reviewing submissions, getting feedback, and organizing the anthology into a book for print. We hope to have copies for all of you by the fall! Sign up for our email list below, and we'll reach out when we have more information on the book.

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Thank you! We'll be in touch.

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