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Even the River Starts Small will be available starting May 13, 2023!


This collection is dedicated to the people who made up the movement to stop Line 3, and we want to make sure that they can get a copy of this initial limited print run. At this stage, this anthology is only available to people who participated in the Line 3 resistance in some way over the years. We can’t guarantee we will have enough copies for all people who were involved in the movement and are interested in the collection right now, but we hope to raise enough funds for multiple print runs to enable further distribution into the future.


Reserve your copy

Please fill out the form below if you would like a copy of Even the River Starts Small. You will only be able to request one book. The information collected from this form will help our team determine distribution locations for people in Minnesota as well as to help us keep track of demand for the book. This form indicates interest in receiving a copy, not an actual order, and you will still need to pick up your book or order it for shipping once it is released.


Pick up a book in person

We strongly encourage everyone in Minnesota to come to one of our in-person pickup days this spring. There will also be a few places around the state where people will be able to stop by and pick-up a copy in the months to come. 

Order online

We are thrilled to be working with Moon Palace Books in Minneapolis to coordinate shipping for Even the River Starts Small. If you live outside of Minnesota or can’t make it to one of our in-person pick-up locations around the state, you can order a copy of the anthology for shipping. You will still have to pay for shipping; however if the cost of shipping is an obstacle to receiving your book please contact us at

Not eligible for a book just yet?

If you were not personally involved in the movement to stop Line 3 we look forward to getting you a copy of the book sometime in the future. For now, please sign up for our email list to receive updates about when the book becomes available for more public distribution.

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